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Galaga T-Shirt

Galaga T-Shirt by Nerd Digs

Galaga T-Shirt
Galaga T-Shirt

The Galaga T-Shirt by Nerd Digs was created as a tribute to the ultimate shooter game of the 80’s I can remember putting a quarter into the game and just feeling that anticipation of the challenge. There were no other video games that could possibly generate as much excitement.

A sequel to the 1979 Galaxian;  Galaga made its appearance in the United States in 1981 and it was an instant hit! You never saw an arcade without at least 1 Galaga machine. I remember walking into an arcade in Texas that had 7  machines. All lined up side by side and all of them filled up. I also remember standing in a line waiting to play when they only had one machine. Though it was not so bad because watching someone else play was damn near as entertaining as playing.

Now as any old timer arcade junkie knows the ultimate goal was to get those double ships. Once you get those two ships together the game got much easier, especially for the challenge rounds! You never ever wanted to go into the challenge round with just one ship. With only one ship chances are your not gonna get to hit all the targets. This meant no bonus at the end of the challenge round. Those points were very important because back in the 80’s having your initials on the top score of a machine was a major badge of honor! Sometimes it would even impress women! The preparation for the challenge stage was Nerd Digs ultimate inspiration for the Galaga T-Shirt.  I can’t even think of Galaga without seeing those double ships dominating the challenge rounds and grabbing that extra 10,000 points.

Wearing the Galaga T-Shirt is a great way to let people know you recognize the best shooter video game  ever made.

Where to buy

Galaga T-Shirt by NerdDigs
Galaga T-Shirt by NerdDigs

The Galaga T-shirt is for sale on Amazon, TeePublic, and RedBubble. However, I recommend Amazon if you are a prime member since the have 2 day free shipping! All three of these printers produce a slim fitting shirt.  I do recommend ordering a size up for a looser fit that is what you desire. The choice is yours. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. I hope you enjoy your new Galaga T-shirt! –Chris


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  1. Thanks for the like on my 2nd chapter of The Lone Wolf.

    By the way Galaga is still my favorite arcade game. They had it on a cruise I did last summer and I spent lots of time playing it.

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